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The morning of Valentine’s Day in 2020, my life was turned completely upside down. My husband’s life was taken by a drunk driver. Not only did I lose my husband, but I almost lost our oldest son as well because he was also in the car. I was driving right behind my husband with 3 of our other children, and I watched everything happen before my eyes. I watched my very worst nightmare LIVE. For 2 weeks my son was in the ICU. After my son was discharged, we laid my husband and my children’s father to rest.  I learned quickly that morning life will happen without my permission. I heard it all the time, but to experience it is a whole different story. 

For months, I felt like a walking zombie. No interest to do anything that I love. Questioning life in general. To be honest I questioned God from time to time. I had a hard time sleeping and when I did, I would wake up with my heart racing. Sometimes even confused. I was on survival mode. I just wanted to sleep my life away. My FAITH was literally reduced to a size of a mustard seed. BUT God. I have 4 children who were watching me. I’m the only parent they have left. They didn’t ask for any of this. I can’t give up. One morning I just snapped out of it. I got up and I started running. I wasn’t running from my kids or my problems but for me. I practiced self-love by buying myself flowers, I would get back from my run by 6 a.m., get my cup of coffee, grab my book, and spend an hour of reading and praying. I was ready to see a counselor by then. 

When I first sat in Brenda’s office, I was vulnerable, lost, and weak. We didn’t just start at my grief, but Brenda took me back all the way to the wounded little girl I left behind. After reviewing my worksheet carefully, she thought it would be healing to start there. After prayers, helpful books, and months of sessions with her counseling, I’ve learned where the lies and wounds were from. Healing comes when you have a willing heart too. When you acknowledge the hurt, the pain, the problem, and that you can’t do this alone is when you would want to get out the way so God can come in and do what only he can do. Brenda encouraged me to open my eyes and heart for God in ways I didn’t think was possible. She woke the truth that God has in me, and I no longer believe in the lies. I am continuing to live with the truth that is setting me free. This is not the end but just the beginning of a journey that God has for me.

Click here to listen to a great review of Sandra Roberts from Mosaic Christian Church.


I knew something was wrong in my life. To me, everyone else seemed to know the secrets of life - how to survive and be happy, and how to avoid the bad stuff and unkind people. Although, I had reached world indicators of success in owning a home, working at a decent job, and completion of a college degree, I was falling apart inside. It seemed like pieces of me were getting away.

I completed many ...counselling sessions over the years, but I was still sad and I was getting worse. By the time I found Hope In Life Ministry, I had a messy, festering boatload of emotional baggage and destructive beliefs pulling on me.

Biblical prayer counseling was new to me.  My journey with Hope In Life Ministry was not an instant or easy healing process, but it has been revealing. Sometimes growth has been gradual, sometimes almost instant.  It has been a muriad of emotions, sometimes annoyingly painful, but far more uplifting and inspiring.

For the first time in my life, the sources of my pain and unsuccessful coping skills were addressed.  I wrestled with unforgiveness, but I realized healing, and learned boundaries. I experienced feelings that I did not know were part of me. I felt hope.

I am so grateful to Natalie Meyer and Hope In Life Ministry because she helped me to feel joy and a connection with Jesus to achieve the healing I needed.  


Last year one of our pastors recommended Hope In Life Ministry Biblical Prayer Counseling to our family.  Our teen daughter struggled with anxiety, which led to poor performance in school and anger issues.  From the moment my daughter and I sat down with Brenda Zamorano, we knew we were going to experience God’s healing in a very real and powerful way.  Brenda invited me to sit in with my daughter for the first few sessions to understand the process and to help communicate the family dynamics.  During those sessions, the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me that I had deep fears within my own heart that were affecting my relationship with God and my family.  We agreed that I, too, would begin the counseling process.

Over the next several months, my daughter and I continued to see Brenda together and separately.  Each session was profoundly challenging and encouraging as Brenda, guided by the Holy Spirit, asked questions that revealed deep strongholds based on years of false beliefs and lies.  Brenda spoke God’s grace and truth into my heart and soul, and I began to truly heal.

Jesus has done remarkable things in our family through Hope In Life Ministry Biblical Prayer Counseling. Today, I’m free from so many of the lies I once believed, and my relationship with my daughter has improved greatly.  We know that we are for each other and that God is for us.  We don’t have to be a victim to conflict and struggle.  We have learned how to surrender to the Holy Spirit and to walk in truth.  Our fears have been replaced by a deeper level of faith, which has created more peace in our home.  Our daughter has noticeably improved in her schoolwork and is gaining confidence in who she is in Christ.

I believe God will continue to produce fruit in our family that is a result from what we learned at Hope In Life Ministry.  We highly recommend this ministry and know that whoever goes through this process will experience a transformed life.  

Peter and Elsie:

We are so honored and grateful to have Natalie in our lives.  The blessings, healing and words of knowledge she has given us are because of her obedience to Abba Father and Holy Spirit.  There are no words or price we could assign that would be enough for all that she has equipped and blessed our marriage and family's legacy with. We just say "thanks" to Abba Father for bringing her into our lives at the exact time we needed her.  We have been so encouraged by her faith, love and tender kindness.  May God bless her and all her loved ones exceedingly and abundantly!  Natalie has made an everlasting impact on our hearts.  Love her bunches and always! 


Last year, my husband left me and our marriage.  He moved to another state 2,500 miles away.  He said he would never go to any type of counseling.  I thought our marriage was over and went to see Sandra at Hope In Life Ministry for help getting through the impending divorce.  What I received through the Holy Spirit and Sandra was more than I could have ever thought or imagined.  As God began to heal me, my husband called me, and we started talking on the phone again.  Then he made an appointment to see Sandra, and today we are back together and doing great.  We have learned how to let God heal our deepest heart wounds instead of operating through them, and we have also learned to communicate with respect and love toward each other.  I am so thankful to God for leading me to Hope In Life Ministry and Sandra Roberts.  

Pastor John:

I have been a Christian and in church leadership for over thirty years of ministry as a lay leader and a pastor.  I love ministering to God's people and reaching the lost for Christ.  It is my belief that Christians are to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ because we have the ministry of reconciliation, and to all on the outside, I was doing a wonderful job.  However, at home, it was a different story.

My wife and I have been married for almost forty years, but our relationship as husband and wife for the past nine years was dying. We hardly talked and when we did everything was lost in translation. I would yell and she would blame, so I would go into another room. She stopped talking and our intimate relationship was nonexistent.  We became nothing more than roommates. Sunday mornings we would put on our Christian face and give our Christian greetings, but my marriage was in desperate need of help.  Fortunately, through God's grace we found help through Hope In Life Ministry.

My wife decided to seek help for our struggling marriage and was referred to one of the Biblical Prayer Counselors, Brenda Zamorano at Hope In Life Ministry.  After my wife had a few prayer sessions with Brenda, she invited me to join one of the sessions.  At that session, Brenda spoke to the core of our condition and helped us to see how we were relating to one another out of fear.  I then decided to start my own biblical counseling session with Brenda. Through our counseling sessions, she helped me realize how fear was controlling me and how I used fear to control those close to me.  We decided to put in the work to see our marriage become what God intended it to be. I can truly say that our marriage is much better.


May God richly bless Brenda and Hope In Life Ministry for many changed lives and many years to come. 


My wife and I were having serious marriage issues. After counseling with Sandra Roberts and through the power of the Holy Spirit, after 4 years of marriage, our relationship has never been better. Sandra was a God-send to my wife and I during a time when we desperately needed help.  Thank you Hope In Life Ministry. ​


I am grateful for Hope In Life Ministry and how my Prayer Counselor, Sandra Roberts spoke about who the Holy Spirit is in my life.  I know that all the women she ministers to and how she allows the Holy Spirit to minister to them through her is a complete blessing.  I am so thankful for that!  As a result of our counseling and her helping me know who God is, He has changed my life and He is changing my husband’s life as well.  Hope In Life Ministry is a blessing!  

"...On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us."  (2 Corinthians 1:10  NIV) 

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