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  • Sandra J. Roberts


When the hour of great distress,

Emerged like a raging sea,

My anguished soul questioned,

“Is His Grace truly sufficient for me?”

A battle waged within,

Desiring to fiercely doubt it so.

That my footing appeared to be lost,

With no place to hide and nowhere to go.

Yet in that day, I feebly cried out,

In the midst of my agonizing pain,

To which His unfailing and enduring love,

As a soothing breeze embraced me again and again.

My soul, why did you feel compelled,

During the storm to be frail and weak,

When God did promise me through His beloved Word,

Everything in Him I so desperately seek.

While in my humanity,

I envisioned no end to the trials and trauma,

It inspired me to yearn for the path my soul could flourish,

In the human condition of life’s unrelenting drama.

These wicked afflictions would gladly overtake,

And overwhelm my fragile soul,

If my heart and focus were to sojourn upon them,

And not the eternal goal.

For the goal is Jesus,

And it is His face I devotedly seek,

Through all life’s tests that render me to appear,

One who is delicate and one who is weak.

For when I see His lovely face,

All uncertainty and fear does flee,

And that is when I joyfully realize,

His Grace truly is sufficient for me!

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"...On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us."  (2 Corinthians 1:10  NIV) 

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